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Derek Drouin speaks to SPARKY FILM
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Derek Druin Supports Doha 2019 »
Hill and Knowlton Strategies

Doha will host the 2019 World Athletic Championships
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Doha 2019 »
HIll and Knowlton Strategies

Why Choose Us?

Engaging, entertaining and dynamic, video is the most effective way to promote your business. At Sparky Film we produce leading work for clients such as IMG, Ricoh and HSBC. If you'd like to develop a video idea to support your business, we would be delighted to help. Based within London, we work both on a national and international level. Our strong reputation is built on working closely with clients every step of the way to ensure they have a product to be proud of.

Video has never played such an integral part in a brand, image and marketing. It is the way a company expresses who it is and what it does. It is a visual tool which cannot be underestimated in showing the world what you are all about.

When a possible client heads to your website, it is because they want to know more about you. More than just your prices, they want to get a feel for who you are - trustworthy? Trendy? Exclusive? This should come across partly through the look and feel of the website, the style of the content and the copy you have chosen to include. But having a video on your site, even one just a few minutes long, can tell your story far more effectively than words alone.